Let's know one another in Portugal

The project ”Let’s know one another in Portugal” initiates the development of students’ key competences through the realisation of core curriculum in an interesting and innovative way. Learning mathematics and English together with Portuguese students surely influences Polish students’ general knowledge and allows them to get new practical skills.

Planning, organisation and realization of the project can contribute to the development of foreign languages, interpersonal skills and raise the cultural awareness.
Learning in a new environment and making new friends make these two aspects of life really important for students in the future, especially when they make crucial decisions concerning not only their education but also life.
The beneficiaries of the project are students of technical school (two groups consisting of 15 students each). The main idea of the project is in agreement with the core curriculum of teaching mathematics, IT and English. This innovative project will help teachers to acquire new methods and techniques for their lessons and motivate students to work harder. Furthermore, participation in the project gives the school a new perspective and increases its prestige in the local market.
The main objectives of the project:
- for students: development of knowledge, learning new skills, including language skills, development of interpersonal skills and learning how to work in a team and respect other cultures and customs.
- for the school and teachers: introduction of new methods and techniques in a teaching process, realisation of the core curriculum in an interesting way, the increase of the school prestige in the local area, obtainment of new international contacts, subject innovations.
The project will be realised according to principles of sustainable development at all stages and prevents the participants from all forms of discrimination. The prepared recruitment regulations are in agreement with the right to equal access and social inclusion.
The students taking part in the project are bound to develop and expand their competence.

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